Monday, June 26, 2017

June Botanical and Landscape Projects

We've been working on compositions inspired by lovely shapes and repeating patterns. I suggested Calla Lilllies and here's some of what has been demo'd. Beyond that, we did some negative painting exercises that develop into landscapes.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Crab, anyone?

We've painted sea horses and turtles, so why not a crab? Here is a proposed project to get us playing with color and experimenting with technique... this sample of mine is not finished ...I want to deepen the color and add pen (of course.) By the time we are done with this, it will be off to Red Lobster for crab fest....

See you Thursday! --Angie

Monday, March 6, 2017

Some Mt. Hood Paintings completed and new Alpine Lake projects

You continue to dazzle me with your artwork! Today some folks finished their Mt. Hood paintings and we started our Alpine Lake project with gradated washes and reflections in water. Looking good all!

Friday, February 17, 2017

More Mt. Hood Paintings

We never made it to the portrait project, so that is still coming up for next week. Here are some of the results of our work on Thursday completing our landscape paintings of Mt. Hood as well as a cool, moody seascape by Sharon.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Misty Mt. Hood Landscapes

We put it all together...flat washes, mist, trees, wet-into-wet and the results were really great. Here are some highlights from AM and PM...



When we meet on the 16th, we will complete work on current projects and begin projects going in a new direction. We will turn inward and contemplate faces...our own faces. We'll come up with silhouettes and/or conceptual line drawings and add symbols and washes of color to create interesting self-portraits. If you'd rather work on the face of someone you love, that's OK too. The thing about doing yourself is, you know yourself best...and you'll have all kinds of material to draw from just thinking about what you love, your favorite memories and things that will all go into your work. Every artists paints him or herself along the way... Now is your turn if you haven't done it already...and with a modern edge. I showed some samples of face art a couple of weeks ago for inspiration. Some of that is below along with some initial sketching on the computer using myself as a subject. Photoshop is a great place to begin to alter photos from your phone to begin the process. Get started and bring your drafts to class.
My prep work includes this... this is just a beginning. The sketches are the jumping off point for abstraction and symbolism as you'll see when you look at the inspirations below.
And here are those inspiration pieces I mentioned. You can see how some of these ideas lend themselves to pen and ink combined with watercolor of. Click on any of these to print at home. 


Where does your imagination take you????
If the pen and ink drawing seems daunting, you can go more in the direction of pure watercolor....


Friday, February 3, 2017

Class Notes for AM & PM at KAA

You did great with your flat washes in the "Cat in the Window" project. Thank you to Mr. Garcia for his wonderful inspiration painting. Next week after we complete this project, we will begin to put some of what we've learned together in a new Mt. Hood Landscape project which will incorporate flat washes, mist, and tall trees. Below you will find two inspiration photos we will use and try to translate into realistic interpretations of what we see.  If this is not your cup of tea, you can of course go in a different direction.

The Mt. Hood scenes that follow are similar, one with mist and one without. We'll work on painting trees some more for those of you who misted those demos in January.

 There's room in the PM class for any of you who want to bring a friend. Have a good week all!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Bears In the Mist

Here are some happy moments from our last class where it seemed like it was all laughter and a good time. I love that about our class. Everyone is there to have a good time in addition to doing art. Although the next class is the start of a "new month," we will take time to complete our January projects before moving on to other projects.

Monday, January 23, 2017

If you are looking for a natural hair 2" wide Squirrel flat wash brush...

...then you may want to check out this link to a site found by one of our friends in class. This brush looks very comparable to the brush I use in class, and as you already know, they are spendy brushes.

In my opinion, the synthetic alternatives don't come close in ability to hold large volumes of water and also overall softness of the brush.

These brushes are useful not only for laying down clear water before putting in a blended or other wash, but they are great for glazing over with clear water to fix problems or with paint to enrich colors without disturbing the bottom layer.

The 2" brush sells for something like $80 which is A LOT but there's a way to get a 10% discount and free shipping if you accept an offer to let them send you marketing emails.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Picture of Iris for the 2018 Iris Poster Contest

In May 2017 at the Celebration of Flowers Art Show at Keizer Art Association, the Keizer Chamber of Commerce will select a piece of art in the Iris Contest to be used in their promotional materials and signage for 2018. There is also a cash prize for the winner. The iris selected for 2018 is "About Town," another purple flower. Here is a photo reference of the flower from Schriener's Iris Gardens.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Inspiration Pieces and Thoughts on "Bear in the Mist" Project

Hi Everyone!

In our last class I previewed some ideas for the 26th for those who are ready to move on. This next project is intended to be a mix of watercolor and pen & ink; however, as always, you are free to approach the project with whatever medium pleases you most.

The inspiration for the project came from some art I saw on Pinterest which is "digital arts." In most cases these artworks were created in the computer blending two photos into one. My thought is to take the concept and do it in fine art...use the shape of animal (e.g., a bear) and open it up to include an image of its environment or something like that.

Here's the bear artwork from Pinterest:

The bear body shape encloses a forested landscape in the mist. Here is how I begin to interpret this idea for a suggested project (showing the first couple of steps):

You can see how the watercolor washes make a nice background for applying pen and ink for those finishing details. 

This is just one example of how to use this idea. What follows below are other bear images and other animals and birds with landscapes built into them--all have been handled in a different artistic manner. Let these stimulate your imagination as to how to develop a project that is uniquely your own and let me guide you...or follow along as we paint and ink some bears.