Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Coastal Seascape Project for Class on Tuesday, July 31st

Thanks to student Linda Rennie who has given me permission to use her beautiful coastal image to develop a painting and a project for our class. This is what we will be working on... The photo of the painting came out more cobalt than ultramarine in the photo...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Grapes - Inspiration Piece

Hi Gang, At our class at Keizer Arts, I offered the following project. I will share thoughts and strategies about how to develop the shadows and glowing grapes at the next Drop-In Art Studio. This is an early stage demo piece (obviously). :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Registration Information & Registration Form for Classes at Tualatin Heritage Center

Instructions for how to register for a class with Angie...

Þ Decide if you want to participate in the Mornings or Afternoons, or if you want to paint all day.

Þ If you are planning to take classes at the Keizer location, please register online at Keizer Art Association website.

Þ If you are planning to take classes at the Tualatin Heritage Center, please click on this form to call it up as a printable item. Once the form pops up, right click on it for your print option.

Þ Print the form, fill it in, and send it to Angie Wrahtz, 19155 SW Mobile Pl., Tualatin, OR 97062. Enclose your check for payment or indicate if you are paying with PayPal or bringing payment to class on the first day.

Þ It is OK to take a picture of this form filled out and send it via text to Angie to reserve your space.

Þ Students who pay ahead have priority and a reserved seat in class.  Enrollments handled on a first come basis. Lock in your space in class by pre-registering now.  No refunds unless the instructor cancels class.  Make-ups for missed classes are granted with courtesy of prior notification to instructor. Thank you.

Þ Questions? No problem. Call or text Angie at 503-705-9193.


Semi-Annual Calendar with Dates & Projects at both Locations for 2018

Classes offered at Keizer Art Center for early 2018

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Class Notes for October 2017

Hi Everyone!

We quickly ran through a pen exercise building a zentangle form in our last class.  I didn't have a handout nor do I have a link to Pinterest where I found this design. As we did in class, you begin at the center of the design and work your way out in radial fashion. Everyone will develop a slightly different version based on their style and personality. Think about adding shading and/or color to spiff it up. Have fun!