Thursday, February 12, 2015

Supplies List for WATERCOLOR CLASS at KAA --March 2015

· 1-2 Spiral Watercolor Sketchbooks.  I love the Strathmore “Windpower Watercolor, Cold Press & Acid Free” kind (red cover) and are 9” x 12” in size and contain 15 sheets at 140lbs per sheet weight.  If you go with a different brand, look for “140lb cold press” as the quality of the paper is key...poor paper quality will compromise your results.
· Watercolor Brushes.  Get brushes which use a blend of natural and synthetic fiber. (The brush will say “sable/synthetic”— these load well and have a nice spring. Floppy limp brushes will let you down.) I’ll share more about brushes at the first class and let you try some of mine throughout the month so you can decide what other brushes you might want to buy down the road. Come with a few good ones in various sizes, including:
· a round #4,
· a round #6 or #8,
· a round #10.
Optional: If you already have these brushes and can invest in an excellent all purpose brush, get a 1-inch Connoiseur Rissilon Cat’s Tongue Brush. It’s spendy. It’s all natural and loads extremely well but it also has a nice point on it for edge work. Definitely my favorite and most used brush. The Merry Artist in McMinnville has it. A large flat wash brush is also a great tool to work with.
· Other.  I will bring most other things you’d want to use and you can decide later if you want to invest in these things, including scrubber brushes, an elephant ear sponge, and masking fluid.  In your bag, please also bring:
· A pencil and a gum eraser and ruler.
· Inspiration Pieces. Bring photographs you love that you might want to paint or samples of art that inspires you for your own work.



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