Saturday, January 21, 2017

Inspiration Pieces and Thoughts on "Bear in the Mist" Project

Hi Everyone!

In our last class I previewed some ideas for the 26th for those who are ready to move on. This next project is intended to be a mix of watercolor and pen & ink; however, as always, you are free to approach the project with whatever medium pleases you most.

The inspiration for the project came from some art I saw on Pinterest which is "digital arts." In most cases these artworks were created in the computer blending two photos into one. My thought is to take the concept and do it in fine art...use the shape of animal (e.g., a bear) and open it up to include an image of its environment or something like that.

Here's the bear artwork from Pinterest:

The bear body shape encloses a forested landscape in the mist. Here is how I begin to interpret this idea for a suggested project (showing the first couple of steps):

You can see how the watercolor washes make a nice background for applying pen and ink for those finishing details. 

This is just one example of how to use this idea. What follows below are other bear images and other animals and birds with landscapes built into them--all have been handled in a different artistic manner. Let these stimulate your imagination as to how to develop a project that is uniquely your own and let me guide you...or follow along as we paint and ink some bears.


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