Sunday, January 15, 2017

Winter Scene -- January Project at KAA

Hi Gang!

I have missed our Thursday classes and look forward to finishing out winter and going into spring with many lovely art projects. Of course I always encourage my students to come with their own inspirations and projects, but if you like having one provided, here is what I am bringing for Thursday, January 19th. There is much to learn from this project which I will demo in three stages.

You will learn how to put in a blended, wet-into-wet background that creates a feeling of mist and fog. You will learn how to put in objects, in this case trees, which recede into the distance, or conversely, become more defined as they move toward you in space. And thirdly, you'll learn a new trick for how to put in snow and add back in white selectively. Maybe you'll have an early start on next year's holiday art card!

Here is an extract from a painting I will yet untitled...

In addition to this "blended wash" project, I have some other lovely art projects where you can practice your skills on laying in washes from "flat," to "graduated," to "streaked."

We will also work on pen and ink projects that explore various techniques you can incorporate into your watercolors or put watercolor on top of.

See you soon!

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